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Christmas Is Here If You Are A Retail Business Owner

You need to start now to fully leverage the upcoming holiday shopping season

Published: 10/20/2016 by Brandon Price

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As a retail business owner you need to be planning and developing now in order to leverage the holiday shopping season. Too often we see businesses wait too long to begin development on their holiday promotions. This results in poor performance, bad execution of promotions and events, and poor tracking due to a rush to get things done.

Flusion recommends mapping out your sales and promotions in advanced. A business, especially those in retail, should have their entire marketing strategy planned out for their entire year. This enables any business to know when deadlines are approaching, what will be promoted, and how much it will cost to roll out the promotions.

Lack of planning is the bane of many businesses. A lack of planning not only results in poor results, but it also increases costs. Waiting until the last minute can increase costs for items such as printing and distribution. And make no mistake; holiday advertising is important as 20% to 40% of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers take place within the last two months of the year.

So, when should you begin promoting your business, products, or services for the upcoming holidays? Well, statistics show that 40% of consumers begin shopping before Halloween. This means your business should be acting NOW!

Knowing you need to act now, the question is what are your options? How do you successfully reach out to your market? To answer this, we go back to our statistics, and Flusion loves statistics! 55% of holiday shoppers are likely to take advantage of tailored product recommendations received through e-mail, 52% of holiday shoppers will respond to a promotion on a retailer’s website, and 42% of holiday shoppers will respond to a customized mobile ad.

Additionally 66% of consumers shop both online and in-store during holiday season, so be sure that your message and branding is consistent throughout all of your advertising.

This means, both, in-store and online promotions are valuable and a multi-level approach works best, especially if you are a brick and mortar business. Email marketing, online promotions, in-store signage and handouts, and print advertising have all been proven to be incredibly effective during the holiday season.

To start now on preparing, developing, and acting on your holiday marketing program give Flusion a call. We love seeing a good advertising and marketing program be successful.


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