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Only $16.98 For A Website!

The most basic and the most often asked question doesn't have an easy answer. Or does it?

Published: 11/22/2016 by Brandon Price

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If there is one question Flusion is asked the most it certainly is “How Much For A New Website?” It has to be one of the easiest and also the most difficult questions to answer. Wait! You probably just noticed that I made a contradicting statement. How can it be easy and difficult at the same time? I am here to tell you that providing the answer can be both easy and difficult. And in a moment you’ll quickly understand why.

The easy answer to “How much for a new website” is $16.98. I am not kidding! Wonder how I came up with such a low figure. It was easy. For the actual website there is no real reason you can’t build it yourself. We have already addressed that in another article here, but let’s just say you do want to build it yourself. There are a variety of free tools to help you do just that. Don’t expect perfection but you can build a simple landing page and hack some basic lines for a website in a couple of hours. Now you need to put it all online. At the time of writing this article, GoDaddy charges $2.99 to register a brand new domain name for the 1st year. Low-cost hosting sites like HostGator and Cheap Hosting have an introductory special for 1 year of hosting at $13.99. All together you get a total of $16.98 for your brand new website. Enjoy!

So you probably don’t like that answer. You’re probably not going to like the next one either.

The hard answer is that it “depends!” I state that because so much depends on the needs you have for your website and until you provide that to us it is extremely difficult to tell you how much it costs to build your new website. What does your website do? What do you have in terms of images and content? What are your website goals? Do you want marketing integration, email integration? What about a mobile version or an App version? I can go on and one but I hope you get the idea.

Unfortunately “depends” is not what our customers like to hear but it does help us start a conversation. A conversation that allows us to begin the process of what you, the client, need so we can get the input and then provide a hard, realistic quote for development.

But, even then, it is still difficult to provide an accurate quote. Because, often, what a client wants and what they actually need are two very different things. Many times consulting before a quote is provided is the best course of action. Which, even though may require some up-front costs, will tend to eliminate costs down the road since a “blueprint” of the requirements exist which makes development easier for us and the client.

The consulting forces clients to answer some very tough questions. Often we have clients that think they need their site to be one thing, but after asking some fundamental questions about what they are hoping to accomplish, it is discovered that their original concept for their site isn’t what they actually need. This results in reduced costs while also providing them with a more effective website.

So, asking the question “How much for a website?” is kind of like asking how much a car costs. What are your needs, what are your wants, and what is your budget? Because, much like car shopping, the price of a website can vary greatly. Without knowing the details it is impossible to give a client an accurate and honest quote for a website.

If you are looking for a new website, give Flusion a call. Your new site won't cost $16.98, but we will make sure you get a site developed that meets your actual needs while also meeting your "wants."


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