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You Need Help. Learn To Admit It.

Asking for help and knowing that your business needs help is a very difficult concept for a lot of small business owners.

Published: 02/20/2017 by Richard Visokey

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You Need Help. Learn To Admit It.

This month's article focuses on something I myself deal with at Flusion on occasion. While I have learned to conquer it I still run into it often when I meet other business owners.

Asking for help and knowing that your business needs help is a very difficult concept for a lot of small business owners. The idea that they can't "do it all" is troubling for them and they foolishly believe it to be a sign of weakness. It's not and should never be thought of as such.

News flash. You can’t do it all! No matter what business you have there is always going to be an area where you are not an expert or have little understanding and using another person or service is the best solution. And that is ok. Good business owners understand the balance between managing what they can and reaching out for help when necessary. You may have heard of the old adage “Do one thing very well.” If you extend a little logic to that statement it also means don’t try and do everything.

Asking for help is not admitting defeat or showing vulnerability. It is exactly the opposite. It is a sense of business savvy and can be the difference between success and closing your business. I've experienced a lot of good owners struggle simple because in the areas they clearly needed help they didn’t seek out help. Here are three key points that we rely on at Flusion and you should too.

Loose the ego. You don’t know what you don’t know.
It’s impossible to have a grasp on everything and trying to learn it probably is not reasonable. I believe the proliferation of the ".. For Dummies" books has caused people to believe they can read a book and become instant experts. It may provide you some insight and knowledge but that is it. Understand that there are experts in every field and it is important to seek them out when needed. Some of the most successful business people I know got where they are because they sought out others to assist them in success.

Learn to listen to and take advice.
Getting help is hard but listening and learning to take advice can be a harder challenge. Notice that I did not say follow! Listen when others give you advice and then decide later if you feel that the advice is worthwhile. Often you'll find that advice from the right people, especially those in similar business situations, is immensely valuable. I’ve navigated away from many issues by listening to what others have told me and avoided their same mistakes.

Keep your network growing.
Your network is the people you reach out to for help and those that look to you for help. It should act as a living item. If you continually pull from it, asking advice, you'll soon find that it dries up. You need to feed into your network. Be sure to keep aware of those that require help in areas where you are the expert and be responsible in providing assistance when necessary. The amount of give and take is a balance but after you start growing your network you’ll find that once daunting tasks and decisions become easily and successfully conquered.


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