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Keeping Your Website Fresh.

Small updates go a long way.

Published: 07/18/2017 by Brandon Price

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Whether you are offering promotions, highlighting a product or service, finding new ways to add to your email database, creating holiday sales, or updating product photos, it is important to keep your site current and fresh.

Updating your website regularly offers these benefits:

Keep current users engaged
Repeat business is the lifeblood of most companies. Keep your existing customers engaged, informed, and interested in your product and services by offering new content and promotions.

Attract new customers
Posting new, relevant content makes your website more noticeable to potentially new customers.

Improve search engine results
Google searches for relevant content and fresh, relevant content is looked upon favorably by search engines. A site that is updated regularly is considered a frequently updated site from search engines and this will improve your website search engine rankings.

Drive more traffic to your website
When you improve your search engine ranking you will increase your market reach and drive more traffic to your website.

Increase your sales/leads/company awareness
More traffic and new potential customers visiting your site will generate new leads and additional sales.

Great Ideas For Website Updates:

Depending upon your business you should update your site every few days. But, at least once a month, at a minimum. For more product and service driven sites, weekly to daily updates would be optimal to stay in front of your audience with fresh content and offerings. But, now the question is, what should you do to update your website? Here are some great ideas for regular updates for your website:

Create a blog article
A simple, quick article posted to your site about information related to your company is a great way to attract new and existing customers to your site.

Highlight a service or product on your home page
Change up your home page and highlight a service or product. It will provide additional search terms for search engines while also attracting a larger audience to your site.

Promote a sale
Throughout the year there are several opportunities to create sales and promotions. Every month you can create a promotion that targets an even or holiday for that month. You don't have to give away the farm to have a successful promotion.

Create and post a video
Creating a video is relatively simple. It is a great way to create content that stands out on your website. Whether it is a video explaining a product or service, or a promotion about your product or service, it is a great way to provide fresh, dynamic content on your site.

Target new search terms
Search results can change depending upon your market. Some search terms are more competitive than others. Adding content that adds to your search term relevance or targets new search terms can greatly benefit your search engine rankings..

Create a survey
Interact with your consumers and get their feedback! A survey provide an outlet for consumers to tell you what they want and if you are providing them with what they need.

Post and request testimonials
Updating your testimonials and requesting feedback from customers by providing a Google review is a great way to add to your website while also helping your search engine results.

Boost email signups
With added traffic you will have first time visitors that may be undecided about your product and services. Offering a sign up for future promotions and newsletters will expand your email database while giving you a second chance at converting prospects into customers.

Flusion can help you put together product videos and commercials, create pop-up windows to grow you email database, take professional product photography, highlight a product or service, and create new promotions and blog content. Additionally, Flusion can help you improve your SEO results. Don't let your website grow old and stale. Keep your site up-to-date or put people in place, like Flusion, to make sure your site continues to grow and prosper.

To learn more about keeping your website up-to-date and search engine relevant, contact Flusion.


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