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Google and the Great SSL Update.

It's back and we have some simple information about Google's SSL update and what you need to do about it.

Published: 09/15/2017 by Richard Visokey

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The subject of Google and SSL certificates has come up a lot in tech circles the past few months. This is not a new subject. In fact I wrote about it some time back in a Flusion Blog post on 09/16/2016. Google's plans and exact direction were somewhat of speculation at that time but now we are very informed about what exactly is going to happen.

How Does The Google Update Affect Me?

It's very simple. If you have a website and you want to be sure that Google doesn't demote your website in its search listings and Chrome (the browser) doesn't display a big "Unsecure" mark when people visit your website you absolutely need to get an SSL certificate for your website.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is special piece of code and software that allows your website to encrypt and secure information sent to and from your website users. When you visit a website that starts with https://, notice the 's', you know you are on an secure website. Often you'll see a lock symbol in your browser further verifying this fact.

Is It Expensive To Get An SSL Certificate?

Not really. It all depends upon your webmaster and your hosting provider. You can expect a typical SSL certificate to cost between $100 and $200 a year. You can also buy SSL's that last for multiple years and get a discount plus the peace of mind of forgetting about it for a few years.

You Only Have A Few Weeks Left!

The Google update is supposed to happen in October of 2018 but they have been known to delay items that impact a large portion of their customer base. And believe me… this one impacts EVERYONE. For the most part this update is good for all of us. It will help insure that our data is transmitted securely. So if you want to go "SSL", simply contact us. We'll be glad to help or provide more details.


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